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Past Projects

Previous Projects will be posted here with the updates  & Photo Links- ENJOY!

Check back regularly for exciting recaps 

Birthdays+Books+Board Games!
June 14, 2024

During the month of June, we collected books, board games, and toys to redistribute those gently used items to kids to get a jump start on their summer activities. 

Birthday  Party Kits were also supplied by Piper Sandler and were given to each kid for the next family birthday or celebration. YAY!

This event was definitely a fan favorite for the guests and volunteers alike!  Save the date for next year, tentatively scheduled for June 20.

AND A BIG THANKS to all of our donors and volunteers who made this event possible :)


National Random Act of Kindness Day: Friendship Bracelets
February 17, 2024

On February 17th, Nice Ninjas distributed Friendship Bracelets with notes of encouragement to kids visiting a food pantry on the Upper West Side.  Leading up to 2/17, nearly 30 volunteers lovingly crafted almost 100 bracelets!!  

Special Thanks to Girl Scout Troop 3209, Trinity School, Advent NYC & all my friends who made bracelets and wrote kind notes for our first friendship bracelet give-a-way event.  You helped make this February 17th a little brighter for kids in our community.

Nice Ninja Dear Santa Finished Wrapping!.jpg

December 2023

"Dear Santa"

This past December, with support from many friends and family members, we were able to help out some parents and Santa Clause to get supply presents to some Neighbors.  Together we helped 16 families have the Christmas they deserved!

Special Thanks to all the Nice Ninja Elves that helped:

Yadwa, Arden, Eve, Ching, G'ma Faye, Auntie Karima, Lily Beth, Rebecca, Emmet, Carl, Mimi, Lulu, Rhanda, Dan, Mary Ellen, Megan, Adrienne, Paul, and of course, my mom!

CLICK HERE for more event photos

The Beginning...

Nice Ninjas was born out of a joke between my mom & I doing small acts of kindness in our neighborhood... lots of times without people really even knowing...we said "we moved like Ninjas"  And that's how it all started...

THANKS to everyone who supported us when we were just get started and a special shout out to our neighbor Joe S who helped get the text added and the logo formatted all pro bono and out of the kindness of his heart.  One of our very first Nice Ninjas!

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